PVCAM II Virtual Camera Library

PVCAM is the new standard software interface for all cooled CCD cameras from Photometrics and Princeton Instruments.

PVCAM is available for Windows 98/ME/2000, Windows NT4, Unix, (SUN and SGI) and LINUX.

PVCAM is a library of functions which can be utilized to control and acquire data from the camera when a custom application is being written. For example, in the case of Windows, PVCAM is a dynamic link library (DLL). Also, it should be understood that PVCAM is solely for camera control and image acquisition, not for image processing. PVCAM places acquired images into a buffer, where they can then be manipulated using either custom written code or by extensions to other commercially available image processing packages.In few months a version supporting cameras from Photometrics and Princeton Instruments will be available

PPK a Programmer's Developer Kit

The Professional Programmer's Kit (PPK) is designed for those who wish to develop their own custom software for all Roper Scientific camera systems. PPK consists of the necessary drivers to enable the software to run on either Windows, Macintosh, Sun or SGI platforms and LINUX . Also included is a sample program with complete source code, documentation, applications notes, technical support. The heart of PPK is the PVCAM library; the function calls enable one to access virtually every aspect of the camera operation, as well as acquire images into a buffer. PVCAM provides a virtual interface to all cameras, so that the actual complexities of controlling the camera are masked. Additionally, PVCAM allows the developer to work across multiple platforms with minimal modification to source code.

For 3rd Party Software Developers

PPK will be of particular use to software developers who wish to integrate a Roper Scientific cooled CCD camera into a larger system, especially if software has already been written for that system. PPK will also benefit those who wish to control the camera along with several other instruments as part of an experimental setup.

ICL (Imager Control Language)

Photometrics' proprietary Imager Control Language (ICL) gives you unparalleled flexibility in implementing sophisticated imaging modes. The exposure and readout of the CCD can be controlled via pre-defined settings or programmed through user level scripts. All cameras support complete arbitrary binning ( n x m) and on-chip subregion control without the fixed configuration constraints found on most camera systems.The user can easily implement custom imaging modes like TDI, ratio pairs, kinetics and many others. ICL scripts are available to control TTL in and out signals for complete coordination of other components in the imaging system.